Why are all our fly-tying activities held at the Gander Mountain store in Huber Heights?



The “Lodge” in the Gander Mountain Huber Heights store provides a unique resource that we have not been able to equal or exceed anywhere else.

The facility itself is large enough to accommodate all of our activities from the Beginner Class to the Advanced Fly-tying seminars, to the Casual Fly-tying sessions. It is configured for workshop activities with tables and chairs that we do not have to set up and break down. The room is maintained by the store staff. Although we clean up after ourselves, we always find the room clean and ready for use when we arrive.

The lighting is excellent. It allows us to select from bright task lighting to muted lighting for presentations. The room has a first class audio-visual capability, including a large motor operated screen and an RGB ceiling projector that can be run from a lap top computer.

Other facilities used in the past have presented us with difficulties in scheduling around other activities that are part of their primary mission. The Gander Mountain Lodge is available on a first-come, first-served basis to any community organization. Thus we have been able to schedule our activities a year in advance, which obviously simplifies our planning.

The cost to use this facility is and always has been zero.

The Huber Heights location has been questioned in favor of one more central to club membership Our club membership is widely dispersed geographically. From Piqua and Greenville in the north to South Charleston and Jamestown in the east, to Miamisburg and Lebanon in the south, we truly cover the entire Miami Valley. Our fly-tying activities are regularly attended by members from these extreme locations. The facility was selected because of its benefits to the club not because of its location. We do recognize the extra benefit of it being conveniently located to the instructors who travel there repeatedly.

Conscious of the possible location disparity, we organized Casual Fly-tying sessions at two locations. Sessions in the north were scheduled for one Tuesday evening and one Thursday evening per month at the Gander Mountain Lodge. Sessions in the south were scheduled for one Tuesday evening and one Thursday evening per month at the Orvis store (which no longer exists) in the Dayton Mall. This schedule was maintained for two years. No one attended the sessions at the Orvis store, so they were dropped. Holding Casual Fly-tying sessions and Advanced Fly-tying seminars at other locations is always possible based on member interest and availability of a suitable location. However, for the time-being the Gander Mountain location is the best option available to us.