How much does the club spend on the fly-tying program?



1. The club provides ZERO funds for any Advanced or Special Fly Tying Seminars. Those are supported by fees paid by the participants.

2. The club provides ZERO funds for Casual Fly Tying.

3. The club spent $1,429.00 to conduct the 2017 Beginner and Intermediate fly tying classes.

4. Flies tied by the two classes and contributed to the club auction in March 2017 produced $1,420.00 in revenue. This amounted to 26% of the total auction revenue and over 99% of the cost of the fly tying program. As a result there was essentially no cost to the club for the entire 2017 fly tying program.

5. Since 2011 the sale of flies at the auction contributed by members of the tying classes has exceeded the costs of conducting the classes themselves.